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Life is busy. The older we get, our day-to-day seems to get more and more hectic almost by the hour. Multi-tasking is the newest way we humans have found to cope with the busyness of daily life and food becomes a huge part of that. Enter pizza! Pizza has long been a favorite in homes across America as a fast and convenient meal. Most foods take time to cook, utensils and dishes (ugh), and usually sitting down! With pizza, all you need is one hand and maybe a napkin Image result for winking emoji transparent To help you out with that busy lifestyle, here are 11 things you can get done with one hand while enjoying a slice.

Shopping online.

Find a great new pair of shoes or finally buy that pizza shaped pool floatie you’ve had your eye on for the past three summers!


While slightly less exciting, those reports are not going to make it to Dallas on their own. Someone’s gotta scan and send them and if it has to be you, you might as well get lunch in while you’re at it!

Responding to emails.

I don’t know about you but we seem to always have too many emails and never enough time! Adding a slice of pepperoni while replying to your Great Aunt Ruth about the family picnic this summer can spice up the day for sure.

Switching the laundry.

Grab one load from the dryer, plop them into the awaiting basket below and then hoist the wet clothes in and push the button! Easy as pie. Pizza pie!


While you may have to get the supplies ready before picking up your slice, paint brushes only require one hand to create your masterpiece for the day [insert zen mode here].

Read a book.

Careful with this one as greasy fingers can be dangerous yet oh so yummy! Kick back, put your feet up and dive deep into a good book while also getting lunch underway.

Return phone calls.

Have too many clients hounding you for a reply? No time to leave the office for lunch? Get a large pizza delivered and fill up in between calls.

Play tug of war with a pet.

Rover needs some love too! With our busy schedules, we can forget about our favorite little fluff balls but you only need one hand to hold a rope! Have Fido bring you his favorite toy and tug away!

Helping your kiddos with their homework.

No matter their age, kids always love sitting down and bonding over how hard their darn math homework is. They’re still learning it and you are having to dredge up what little memory you have of your school days. You man the calculator, the kids write the answers and you can get it all finished up while eating dinner as a family.

Listen to a podcast.

Podcasts are a great way of learning about your favorite topic and also accomplishing something in the process. With this one, you could probably get three things done since you don’t even need a whole hand! Just hit play, grab your Canadian Bacon, Pepperoni & Bacon and enjoy having a completely free hand.

Order more pizza!

CJ’s Pizza is a family-owned, pizza take-out business in Castle Rock, Washington that caters to pizza lovers in Castle Rock and surrounding areas. Everything is hand-crafted, freshly made to order with love and piled high with quality ingredients. We’re open every day except Tuesday and will deliver our delicious pies right to your door! Call the Pizza Hotline at (360) 274-2323 or check out our mouth-watering menu at www.cjspizzas.com

More ideas could be going for a walk or running on a treadmill, planning your grocery list, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn on your riding mower, playing board games, the possibilities are endless! How do you do #onehandedpizza? Post your pics of your #busylife and tag us using the hashtag #onehandedpizza!

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