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Fair weather or foul, we all need activities that are fun or relaxing after a long day of school and work. Finding activities to keep our spirits up, improve our health or take us away from the hustle and bustle in the day-to-day routine can be a bit challenging. But alas, we have a few ideas and they all go good with pizza.

Love and Pizza ☮

Captain and Tenille sang a chart topping song in 1975 “Love will keep us together” and went on to earn a Grammy Award for record of the year. It’s a pretty catchy tune, and love is a pretty hot topic. Another hot topic is our #51 Chicken Bacon & Ranch Pizza. In today’s technology distractions, we spend less time in quality communication and more time consuming information. (Hey, what are you doing reading a pizza post, shouldn’t you be spending time with the family? Kidding!) Point is, the family that plays together stays together. Right?

The time suck of technology

This isn’t just an idea, it’s an outright challenge! How long has it been since you thought about your Instagram pictures, your Facebook feed or felt the need to surf Amazon for some amazing deals? Duh, like 5 minutes….or less. Be honest, it’s a real challenge to disconnect from technology and connect with your friends and family. How can we be present with people when shiny objects are enticing us from all directions? How about setting an intention to disconnect?

The Friends and Family Challenge

On most of the new smart phones you can track your usage and evaluate your health by the amount of time you have spent on your device. So why not create a challenge for yourself and your family or friends:
1. The one with the lowest usage for the week gets to pick the pizza toppings on the pizza order. Perhaps they will choose anchovies just to mess with you? Nah, we don’t use anchovies, that’s just a Halloween trick. ;+)
2. Evaluate your usage together and discuss what was so important to you that it commanded so much of your time. If you dare, share your URL history. That is worth some humor points alone, I promise you. Honesty is the best policy, and a little www accountability isn’t a bad thing!
3. You might discover you’ve done NOTHING of any significance in the five hours on the phone or video games. One 24-year old recently admitted he had played a game for five hours, until 3am, but it only felt like two. Shame to lose out on precious sleep that you can never get back. Then there’s social media mind melt. For all the time you spend surfing other peoples experiences, ask yourself if ten years from now you will remember any of it? Um, maybe? Probably not. Like the name of the new puppy that your old high school chum whom you haven’t seen in ages. In Charleston, South Carolina, there was a little girl, eight years-old, who sold her items on a Plantation. Passing by her items, I glanced down and looked at an interesting rice mix with spices. You know what she said, “I know you want that, so don’t fight the feeling”. Needless to say, I bought the rice mix. Point is, sometimes we need to fight the feelin’. Once your time is gone, you can’t get it back.

Discover something new

Ready to try a little old fashioned fun? Here’s your chance to test your luck and skill, stimulate your taste buds and have some quality time together.

Outdoor Adventures (Fair)

  1. In SW Washington, we are so close to Mt. St Helens that we forget it’s there. If you have the gear, there are some amazing short trails by the Ape Caves. Or, if you merely feel like being a road warrier, the drive up wraps you around the mountain and the views are amazing. There are two main paths to the top and they go to different access points. On the way up, ask each person in the car to find a good joke to tell, share an inspirational story or poem, and think of a scary story that happened to them. Or, talk about your feelings… but dad wouldn’t like that one so much though. Good news, our pizza crusts stay crunchy for a long time. However, if you want an easier time eating in the car, you might want to grab a few hot subs to go, like the BBQ Chicken & Cheddar Sub, The BLT Bacon with Lettuce, Tomato, Mozzarella, or the Fajita Chicken Sub with Mixed Peppers and Onions. Whatever you choose, they are large enough for mix and match, just ask for a few extra napkins. Great eats, amazing views, memories with family or friends. WIN!
  2. Visit Seaquest State Park located near Silver Lake. There’s plenty of fun to be had, like bird watching, hiking, mountain biking, volleybal
    l, fishing, and camping in cabins, tents or Yurts.
  3. Plant lovers beware, Still Meadow Gardens & Retreat has over 1 acre of manicured plants for your viewing pleasure, and some are available to buy. This garden changes every season and year, and there is even 7 meditation areas and 9 waterfalls. Can you say Om…..

Game time (Foul)

  1. Play a game of Yahtzee together. It’s a fun dice game that moves quickly and you only have to exercise your brain on adding points and taking risks with the roll of a dice. Make you younger counterparts add everything up and hone their math and addition skills. Shake some things up at meal time too with our Half Taco Supreme | Half Chicken Bacon Ranch with pineapple. You’ll never have the roll the dice on yummy flavors!
  2. If “go big or go home” is your motto, Rook is a card game that requires both skill and luck. It’s best when played with four. You decide if you can afford to take the single hand in the middle, which suits to keep, which cards to throw away. You can crush it big, lose big, or never make any points. Pairs well with the #39 The Sampler – 4 Different Pizza’s in one – Supreme Taco, Combo, Pepperoni & Islander
  3. Does your family love solving puzzles and challenging opponents? Try Blokus. It’s one of the best family board games for those who prefer to do without the wordplay. It’s a little like three-dimensional Tetris and this game requires strategy and spatial reasoning to place shapes on the board and block opponents. This game IS brain food, and you might want to fuel up first with #41 The Overload – Has everything and practically the kitchen sink. We’ll call this event the monster jam!

Share with us your adventures and what you discover in your journey to disconnect. We and the CJ’s fans can’t wait to hear from you!

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